Thursday, April 1, 2010

Factions in Saturn Six

Datamined from the latest delta build of Saturn Six!

Enjoy kiddies!

There are three factions in Saturn Six. They are:
  • United States Defense Force (USDF)
    The old regime of the United States is attempting to take back control of the settled systems. A shadow of its former self, the USDF is based in corporate greed and military rule. Extremists have won out, and any hint of dissent is swiftly met with "The Beck," a biological super weapon that immediately lobotomizes the individual. (The lobotomized individual then has an uncanny urge to go and buy a chalkboard.)
  • Kapzen Syndicate (KS)
    Headed by master political dissident Seittib Elogit, the Kapzen Syndicate are intent on becoming the dominant force in humanity. They are doing everything they can to defeat their mortal enemies, the USDF. The KS battle cry is one of "MOTHERF******* TRIALS ARGH@)(*#$@LKJAFLKJOIJ#FUCK@)@# - FIX THAT SHIT PLEASE"
  • Colonists
    The Colonists are a neutral group hoping to escape the clutches of the dictatorial rules of the USDF and KS regimes. Their goal is a simple yet complicated one: to leave the solar system and evolve away from the rest of humanity's influence. The Colonists have acquired top secret information from the USDF that they've threatened to reveal unless granted passes out of the system. When not fighting the good fight, colonists find themselves playing an old earth game called Anarchy Online.
Agents vs. Citizens

In each faction, you can choose one of two sides: either you are an Agent or you are a Citizen. As a Citizen, you lead the people, command the party. Your innate buffs allow you to help others while ensuring you are sufficiently looked after as well. As an Agent, your innate buffs attack the enemy, decreasing their strength and abilities, forcing them to bow down to your superior dexterity.

You can switch between and Agent or a Citizen, but first you have to go find an avatar named Fay Delicia and touch her vest.